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Thank you for visiting my blog. It’s my favourite hobby, after photography and walking my special needs dog. I enjoy writing about anything that interests me including travel, politics, movies, books and so on. I live in Toronto, Canada, where you can find me aimlessly wandering, and from time to time, drinking Czech pilsner at my local pub. See you out there.


62 thoughts on “About me

    1. Good day Franco,

      I would like to ask you a question regarding one of your photos. Please let me know how I can reach you privately.


  1. I came across your blog and the one that I related to the most was your
    Lisa. Mine is Carrie and Brandi. Carrie and I have been friends for 23 years and Brandi and I for 15. Friends are truly a gift. Funny thing is my two best girlfriends have never met ech other. Carrie always moves up with her secret job in our horrible government and she moved away from TX 12 years ago and Brandi and her never met. They both know of each other but have never met. Lol

    Rambling so back to my point….I want to follow your post.

    To add, your blog about Manhunt is so true. I only would add you are attractive at least I think so. Shame you are so far from Texas. Lol

    Looking forward to more of your posts.


  2. How about beautiful scenery in Indonesia? Do you want to visit it in other times? If you have been heared the special names who the people of the world know it, please some times comes to my lovely country….Indonesia. I agreed to you, that Indonesian beautiful woman is very charm, charm and calm.

  3. Franco hang in there! I was born in Argentina but was only 5 when I came to the states and you would not know I speak/spoke Spanish if you heard me. I now find myself trying to re-learn it as I have re-connected with many family members in Argentina!

    BTW a bit of Trivia for you, if you find Trapiche wine, that Wine was started by my Great Grandfather Don Tiburcio Benegas who also founded the Bank of Mendoza and served as the Governor of Mendoza.

    If you find Bodegas Benegas I am not exactly sure how I am related to Federico Benegas Lynch the President of the winery but I am.



  4. Fraaaannnnco!! I’ve just nominated you for the ABC also known as the Fucken Awesome blog award. You can check it out over on my blog….and I hope that you do!

    1. Thanks that’s very nice of you, but I don’t write this blog to win any awards, I do it as a hobby and because I enjoy it. I do, however, appreciate your support!

  5. Hi

    Thank you for your nice blog.
    I used one of your picture in our department poster and I hope that your are fine with that?

  6. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I do hope you’ll continue to drop by. I’ve been perusing yours, and I love it. Great photography, insightful writing. Keep it up! p.s. I notice we have the same theme. Good choice!

  7. Hi, The picture of the old abandoned building owned by the Irish guy…where is that??? I would like to take some pics for a school project!! Thanks so much. Btw – cool pics

    1. So it’s been a year since you wrote this, and I’m just responding now. So sorry. I didn’t realize that I hadn’t until today. Thanks for the nomiation. Sensual, eh? Cool.

  8. Beautiful blog 😀 I’m looking forward to reading more! p.s. your name sounds very italian, do you happen to have Italian origins? All the best, Lucrezia 🙂

  9. What a Cool Guy! and… cute too! Haha lol! 🙂 Stay brilliant, nice and generous in sharing your thoughts and experiences… More power to your blogsite and keep on doing this hobby! Glad I followed you! 🙂

  10. hey franco, thanks for reading and following. i recently came by your blog my accident, as i was drawn to the name, (my nickname is peaches), and i like your approach to life. i look forward to reading more from you ) best, beth

  11. Your blog is wonderful! I’ve just read your article on being bullied at school, I’m glad some people are courageous enough to speak about it. Thanks for all this inspiration!

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