I forgot to give this post a title


One of the things some of you will remember me for was my dog Maude and my cat Beenie. Sadly they both died within two months of each other. Beenie passed on September 3, 2015 and Maude died on October 17.

It was devastating and I did have a bit of a breakdown that lasted for about a year. I do think I’ve recovered, but no one ever tells you how difficult the death of a beloved pet is on your psyche. And no one ever tells you how lonely a breakdown is. Maude luckily died at home surrounded by loved ones. Beenie was euthanized after she experienced a cardiac episode she could not recover from. It was a challenging time for me and I still cry when I think of them.

I started Facebook, which I learned isn’t really for me. In the time I left it I didn’t realize that there was no room left for any serious discussion or conversations about the world we live in. So I lost a lot of friends, and I had to really discover who I was in the age of social media. Turns out, I’m not that different than I was before, but people often read what they want to read, and hear what they want to hear.

Partly I wanted to start this blog to share my feelings again, and to start writing more seriously. Like I was in 2013. Life has changed a lot for me. As it has for so many of you too. I’m not one to fall into routine, I need change more than most. I see that now without any shame.

Anyway I wanted to write this post to say I miss my pets. Each and every day. I was lucky to have been able to love them.


Maude on dock
My love.

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